In the Arena

October 14th, 2015

Often when we are called to something beyond ourselves, we are moving moment to moment with plans being pretty fluid – just trusting we know enough for this moment. We create new pathways on a daily basis. As result, there can be little understanding from those around us. They offer suggestions, advice , or even criticism from experiences that are not ours, yet we may begin to question ourselves. What do you decide? Whose voice are you hearing?

It’s easy for others to watch and offer expertise from a safe distance with no risk. But YOU! You are the one in the midst of it all: the pressures of planning and persevering,  sleep deprived nights,  daily uncertainties in caregivers and schedules, emergency calls and judgment. Oh, the judgment. But no one ,as well meaning as they may be, is in the arena every day doing the work this call demands. No one else shows up, cares, gets dirty and sometimes hurt, or commits to your call the way only you do.

Who is in the arena with you? Who’s on your tag team?  Who says,  ”I’m here and I’ve got your back”?  Those are the ones who have earned a voice.  Those bystanders? The casual observers? The uneducated or uninformed?  Preserve your energies, trust your heart and head,  and know who your team is. Listen to those in the arena with you. Listen to your own voice.

Brene Brown, in her book, Rising Strong, writes, “We need to be selective about the feedback we allow into our lives. For me. if you’re not in the arena getting your ass kicked, I’m not interested in your feedback.”

When you choose to answer your call, you are choosing to be brave. No one’s journey is easy. So if you are going to struggle and fall down, get muddied and scraped, choose for something BIG. Choose for something SIGNIFICANT. Choose for something that demands and builds your strength and courage.

You are too wonderful for small.

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