Dabbling or Going Deeper?

August 7th, 2014

I recently returned from a weekend conference where the speaker presented on having Christ as the One and Only in our lives. Even as Christians this can get easily lost in self help, charismatic public figures – large or small-  and even hobbies and interests. So today isn’t about developing a deeper Christian faith, but just how we approach anything in our lives.

With so much exposure to everything from Adoptions to Zealots in third world countries we are able to get broad strokes, big headlines and immediate photographs of heart wrenching or at least brain boggling events throughout the world and beyond. But what do we do with any of that information?

Facebook, Pinterest, blogs and tweets add to the quick looks at life, and TV topics and magazine articles emphasize quick ( if not always easy) methods to anything: 30 minute or 3 ingredient meals; 5 ways to improve your life; losing all that weight in 30 days, etc.  Admit it – if it has a quicky title, it grabs your interest.

We have become dabblers. A look here, explore a topic there, follow a trend whether clothing or behavior for a day or month and it seems a lifetime. A 4 hour training seems enough to equip us for anything.

What has happened to going deeper for anything? Have we become so focused on immediate gratification and results that we have lost the belief that a journey can be a journey with learning along the way and without a predetermined arrival time for the destination?  What if we were to commit to learning for transformation rather than some artificially concocted result?  Does it too soon become the belief that nothing is happening?

Could I invite you for the next week to choose one area in your life – a relationship, a skill, a book, a ‘self improvement’, and spend one hour a day – 15 minute intervals if going deep needs to start there, but one hour a day set aside to go deeper into something. Without a destination or expectation, but believing in a transformation.  One hour for one week to dabble in going deeper.

Let me know how it goes


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