Open yourself

April 10th, 2014

A  meditation for those who are afraid to be known:

Open Your Hands

How do I open my closed hands? Certainly not by violence. Not by a compulsive decision. Perhaps you can find a way to prayer in the words of the angel to the frightened shepherds…. Don’t be afraid of him who wants to enter that space where you live, or to let him see what you are clinging to so anxiously. Don’t be afraid to show the clammy coin which will buy so little anyway. Don’t be afraid to offer your hate, bitterness, disappointment to him who reveals himself as love. Even if you have little to show, don’t be afraid to let it be seen. You keep catching yourself wanting to deceive the other by putting on a semblance of beauty, by holding back everything dirty and spoiled, by clearing a little path that looks very proper. But that is compulsive, forced and artificial.

Henri J. M. Nouwen, With Open Hands

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